Research / Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Willmott, Kyle. 2023. Colonial Numbers: Quantification, Indigeneity and the Politics of Fiscal Surveillance. Surveillance & Society, 21 (1): 16-28. [.pdf]

Willmott, Kyle. 2022. Taxes, Taxpayers, and Settler Colonialism: Toward a Critical Fiscal Sociology of Tax as White Property. Law & Society Review, 56(1): 6-27 [.pdf] Featured on Aboriginal People’s Television Network

Willmott, Kyle & Alec Skillings. 2021. Anti-Indigenous Policy Formation: Settler Colonialism and Neoliberal Political Advocacy. Canadian Review of Sociology, 58(4): 513-530. [.pdf]. Featured in Press Progress;;

Willmott, Kyle. 2020. From Self-Government to Government of the Self: Fiscal Subjectivity, Indigenous Governance and the Politics of Transparency. Critical Social Policy, 40(3): 471-491. [.pdf]

Willmott, Kyle. 2017. Taxpayer governmentality: Governing government in Metro Vancouver’s transit tax debate. Economy and Society, 46(2): 255-274. [.pdf]

Book Chapters

Willmott, Kyle. Forthcoming. Tax, Subjectivity, and Indigenous Citizenship: Theorizing Tax and Colonialism. In Robin Smith, Johanna Mugler & Miranda Sheild Johansson (Eds.), Anthropology and Tax: Ethnographies of Fiscal Relations. Cambridge University Press.

Willmott, Kyle. 2022. How Tax, Citizenship, and Fiscalized Racism Shapes Indigenous-Settler Relations. In Johanne Jean-Pierre, Vanessa Watts, Carl James, Patrizia Albanese, Xiaobei Chen & Michael Graydon (Eds.), Reading Sociology: Decolonizing Canada, 4th Ed. Oxford University Press

Willmott, Kyle. 2019. Mobilizing political strategy: Global practices of taxpayer groups. In D. Laycock (ed.) Political Ideology in Parties, Policy and Civil Society. University of British Columbia Press. Pages 132-148. [.pdf]

Public Scholarship

Guest on Nation to Nation, Aboriginal People’s Television Network. [Link]

Willmott, Kyle. 2021. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s politics are anti-Indigenous — so why do media outlets still quote them? The Conversation [Link] (Featured in The Tyee, Two Row Times, National Post)

Invited Talks

Willmott, Kyle. 2023. Taxing Relations: Fiscalized Racism, Political Identity and Settler Colonial State Formation. University of Toronto Department of Sociology Colloquium.

Willmott, Kyle. 2022. Tax as White Property: Fiscalized Racism, Identity, and Law in Settler States. American Bar Foundation Research Seminar, Chicago.

Willmott, Kyle. 2021. Taxes, Taxpayers, and Settler Colonialism. Spiegel Sohmer Tax Policy Colloquium. McGill University Faculty of Law. [YouTube Link].