Research / Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Willmott, Kyle. Forthcoming. Colonial Numbers: Quantification, Indigeneity and the Politics of Fiscal Surveillance. Surveillance & Society.

Willmott, Kyle. 2022. Taxes, Taxpayers, and Settler Colonialism: Toward a Critical Fiscal Sociology of Tax as White Property. Law & Society Review, 56(1): 6-27 [.pdf] Featured on Aboriginal People’s Television Network

Willmott, Kyle & Alec Skillings. 2021. Anti-Indigenous Policy Formation: Settler Colonialism and Neoliberal Political Advocacy. Canadian Review of Sociology, 58(4): 513-530. [.pdf]. Featured in Press Progress;;

Willmott, Kyle. 2020. From Self-Government to Government of the Self: Fiscal Subjectivity, Indigenous Governance and the Politics of Transparency. Critical Social Policy, 40(3): 471-491. [.pdf]

Willmott, Kyle. 2017. Taxpayer governmentality: Governing government in Metro Vancouver’s transit tax debate. Economy and Society, 46(2): 255-274. [.pdf]

Book Chapters

Willmott, Kyle. Forthcoming. Tax, Subjectivity, and Indigenous Citizenship: Theorizing Tax and Colonialism. In Robin Smith, Johanna Mugler & Miranda Sheild Johansson (Eds.), Anthropology and Tax: Ethnographies of Fiscal Relations. Cambridge University Press.

Willmott, Kyle. 2022. How Tax, Citizenship, and Fiscalized Racism Shapes Indigenous-Settler Relations. In Johanne Jean-Pierre, Vanessa Watts, Carl James, Patrizia Albanese, Xiaobei Chen & Michael Graydon (Eds.), Reading Sociology: Decolonizing Canada, 4th Ed. Oxford University Press

Willmott, Kyle. 2019. Mobilizing political strategy: Global practices of taxpayer groups. In D. Laycock (ed.) Political Ideology in Parties, Policy and Civil Society. University of British Columbia Press. Pages 132-148. [.pdf]

Public Scholarship

Guest on Nation to Nation, Aboriginal People’s Television Network. [Link]

Willmott, Kyle. 2021. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s politics are anti-Indigenous — so why do media outlets still quote them? The Conversation [Link] (Featured in The Tyee, Two Row Times, National Post)


Willmott, Kyle. 2021. Taxes, Taxpayers, and Settler Colonialism. Spiegel Sohmer Tax Policy Colloquium. McGill University Faculty of Law. [YouTube Link].